Our Service
We provide a one stop solution, to solve all complex problem,
By adopting the latest technologies to improve business operation process.
Our Services
Turnkey Installation Project
We undertake the responsibility from designing based on product specification, fabrication,
factory acceptance test, delivery and lastly,
testing and commissioning.
Build panels & wiring
Leveraging on our technical expertise, our technicians are highly skilled to build a wide range of customised panels and wiring systems for different application and sectors.
System Control Design
We design system control for different sector to cater for different application to boost the efficiency of their automated system.
Programming for PLC, HMI & SCADA
We offer customised PLC & HMI to meet our clients’ needs. The integration of PLC and HMI would provide a lean automation solution to efficiently improve the production process. We also provide SCADA programming which is useful for industrial remote control system.
Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Upon completion of project, we provide regular maintenance services to diagnose and troubleshoot to ensure the automation system run fault free.